Teen Classroom Programs

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Teen Classroom Programs

(Under 18 years old)

Drive Now Driving School, Illinois Provider Certificate # (9894)
Teen classroom studies and In-vehicle training options (MEETS ALL STATE REQUIREMENT)

Option #5 ($249)

Typically include 15 sets of 120 minutes of classroom studies, 0 Behind-The-Wheel & 0 in-car observation. Drive Now Student Text Handbook, Rules of the Road Book & STATE OF ILLINOIS Enrollment Application Fee typically added to the invoice = $47.00. (MEETS ONLY CLASSROOM STATE SPECIFICATION)

**A certificate of completion is only issued to those students completing the course who are between the ages of 15 years and 18 years old.**

An $89.00 deposit (non-refundable) is required to reserve a place in any class. The remaining balances due on the first day of scheduled class, unless previous arrangements have been made and agreed upon with the main office. Failure to pay tuition by the last scheduled classroom session will result in a balance and forfeiture of any discount/promotions received.