Teen Road Test Students

Qualified Students (Under 18 years old)

Drive Now Driving School – NOW Licensed by the Secretary of State and Illinois State Board of Education to engage in the business of giving convenient ROAD TEST services to TEEN students. 

Only students that completed an approved teen driver education course with a grade of an “A” of “B” may be road tested. The student must have been under the age of 18 at the time of completion.

If a student who completed the entire course at a high school or another driving school you must confirm they completed the course with a grade of an “A” of “B.”  Documentation must be maintained.

If a student PASS the ROAD TEST, will certify her/him has successfully completed an approved driver education course; earned a final great passing score = 35 or less, and has qualified for driver’s license certification, SUBJECT TO A SPOT CHECK, by the SECRETARY of STATE.

If a student fails the road test you MAY NOT be road tested again with another school. You will have to retake a ROAD TEST at one of the S.O.S. facility.